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Horse riding arenas require a special base and grading in order to allow the water to drain properly. They require special attention to allow for comfort for both the rider and the horse. We construct our riding arenas according to the clients needs, and also to the local soil and ground conditions. Some areas needs vary widely, for example a horse riding arena in Lancaster county will require a different procedure than a riding arena in Devon,PA. The final result will be a well graded and properly pitched arena where both the rider and horse benefit. 

A "perfect" riding surface should be cushioned to minimize concussion on horse legs, firm enough to provide traction, not too slick, not too dusty, not overly abrasive to horse hooves, inexpensive to obtain, and easy to maintain.

‚ÄčUnfortunately, there are no universal recommendations for the perfect arena surface or footing material. Cost of footing materials is dependent on local material availability and transportation expense. The intended use of the arena for jumping, reining, or driving, for example, also influences footing material attributes such as traction and depth of loose material. Manufactured or trademarked materials are options that depend less on local availability and provide more guarantee of uniformity in material properties. Naturally occurring inorganic materials (sand, etc.) are offered by quarries that can provide raw materials or mixtures that have defined characteristics of particle size and composition. Each arena is different so this is why we do an evaluation of every property to find the best material that will work for your circumstances and  needs. 

From our first horse arena to the most recent arena, we take pride in each and every installation. That is because each horse arena is different and each arena requires something a little different, whether is be the property owner, or the property itself. Some arenas require special grading and leveling in order to have the rain water drain properly. Some Arenas already sit in an ideal  location and require minimal work to get up and running. What ever the situation, we have the know how and equipment to make your ideal horse riding arena. 

Review by Glenn G. in Chester Springs,
Project: Horse Arena

The crew was efficient and clean. They did exactly what they said they would do and it looks excellent. The came to the job site on time and finished on time.