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Natural stone is timeless, has a character all it's own and is a excellent choice when a landscape, walkway or patio come into the picture. 

Natural stone can be used in boulder walls or just as a single stone to be used alongside a pool waterfall. It can be used nicely in a walkway or even as a stairway down a steep grade where a natural look is desired. Most of all when it comes to water features, Natural Stone is one of the better choices. 

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Some of our most creative and successful landscaping projects involve the use of landscaping rocks, decorative rocks, and boulders made of natural sandstone.  S. Eastern PA lends itself to the landscaping use of stone stairs, stepping stones and landscape boulders.  These native stones add another dimension to the landscape.  They look great all season long, adding beauty and character to your home's landscape design.
I  believe each landscape stone has a face and putting together a stone landscaping project is often like working on a jig-saw puzzle. Each piece works in perfect harmony with the others when placed in just the right location.  Landscape stone and boulder work is a true art form that we have mastered -  and the next canvas can be your yard!


Review by Gary Sutton; Holland
Project:  Natural stone walkway

I needed a new walkway but did not want pavers. John came up with a nice natural stone walkway that accents our landscaping and blends in well with our layout. Would recommend Triton Landscaping.

​Natural stones can be found anywhere. These are the stones you see in the mountains, park, outside your home, basically all stones that are not man-made. Each natural stone is unique due to its geological composition.

The appearance and feel of these natural stones are raw and so different with the usual concrete blocks and pavers that we see nowadays. These stones are often used for building and decorative enhancements. Over the years we have found many useful things to do with such nature’s gift.

Using natural stones for landscaping is a great way to bring nature to your home. It can make a harmonious connection with nature giving you a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. Natural stones have charm that can make any space attractive and soothing.